We will be Celebrating the Eid Prayer in the Masjid Come Join Us In sha allah 9:Am 

Ibn Abbas reported that the Prophet (sallahu 'alayhi wa salam) made zakat ul fitr compulsory so that those who fasted may be purified of their idle deeds and shameful talk [committed during Ramadan] and so that the poor may be fed. Whoever gives it before Salat [ul Eid] will have it accepted as Zakat [ul Fitr], and he who gives it after Salat [ul Eid] will have given it as charity (sadaqah)." (Collected in Sunnan of Abu Dawud)



Before the Eid ul Fitr prayer, at the end of Ramadan, every adult Muslim, who has food in excess of their needs, must pay zakat ul Fitr. The head of household is responsible for all dependents under his/her auspices whether children, parents and/or any dependent relatives.


Zakat al-Fitr can be paid during Ramadan, before the Eid ul Fitr prayer, at the latest, so that those in need can enjoy the day of Eid. Zakat al-Fitr can be paid in monetary value of the food specified by the Prophet (i.e. wheat, barley, dates etc.), which is much more useful today for needy Muslims in America than the donation of food items.

In addition, many scholars consider the food items mentioned by the Prophet to have been common among his community at that time (i.e. cultural relevance) and therefore, most beneficial and useful to the poor in that environment. Thus, they view these items as exemplary suggestions, establishing a relative value and purpose of Zakat al-Fitr.


The value in monetary equivalence of Zakat ul Fitr today is $10 per member of each household. This amount will gratify or enrich the needy in sustenance for the day of Eid based on the cost of a basic meal in our society.


Zakat al-Fitr infuses the fast and provides the needy with the food resources to partake in the celebration of the Eid Prayer, and to share in the joy of the day with their children and families. The Prophet said, “Gratify [the poor] on this day.”

Eid Mubarak To You and your Family 

Eid Toy Drive

In the Hadith mentioned in Tabarani, the Prophet (PBUH) tells us that one of the most beloved deeds to Allah (SWT) is bringing happiness to a believer.


This is exactly what Masjid Al Athar intends to do this Eid ul-Fitr. 


We are organizing a toy drive to collect toys to share with those who are less fortunate in our community.


Please drop off your donated toy (new packaged/sealed toys only), cash or checks Contact Sister Teresa 6787700335

JazakaAllahu Khair !!!

About Us:


Masjid Al- Athar is 

“Islamic Faith in the Hearts of the People”.

  • Our vision highlights our wish for everyone among mankind to worship our Lord Allah alone (Glory be to Him) according to the teachings of His Messenger Muhammad (Peace be upon him) with Allah's Mercy 

    Our Mission with the Permission of الله سبحانه و طائلة 


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  •   ٱلْحَمْدُ لِلَّٰهِ, We aim to Inspire people to faith and to increase in faith through  Talks, Social Media, various Social Activities                    

  • We aim to Educate Muslims and non-Muslims, both young and old about the true Islamic teachings.                                    

  • We aim to encourage the worship of Allah (Glory be to Him) and to Serve the community.

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Everyone must bring their own prayer rug if they are willing to come to the Masjid. and wear a face mask  very recommendable  

                                      JazakaAllahu Khair. 

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