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Begin your journey with us to complete half your deen.

Assalamu alikum Warahmaulahi wabarakatuhu 

Masjid Al Athar offers a marriage services for Brothers and Sisters who are looking to get married.

Our Nikah Matrimony site will connect you with  muslim brides or muslim grooms looking for their perfect muslim match. 

Our Intentions is to use the marriage profile to assist the Imams, Walis and the Wakils in the marriage process with the help of Allah SWT 

Using the marriage profile gives you details on the potential spouse and questions you may want to ask, as well as if they are compatible from the information provided. 

In shaa Allah 

                                                  Meet the expert                                 

* For Brothers contact                              *For Sisters                        
Imam Abdul Shaheed                      Maryam Shaheed 6788516300 
       6788865175                                  Khadijah Roberts 7709126216

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