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       Preparing for a Ramadan in Quarantine – 9 Activities You Can Do with Your Kids

Salaam Sisters!

Many of us are weeks into this home bound, quarantine lifestyle with the global coronavirus pandemic.

And, while many of us are coming to grips (more or less) with our new routines, we are now imagining what Ramadan will be like this year and how to make the best out of the situation at hand.

I’m hearing some worry and panic in the voices of many mothers I talk to. They are wondering how to survive this new reality and still be able to recharge spiritually, while tending to the entire family.

I suggest making a schedule combining the personal and the spiritual by incorporating kids’ activities into family life (much like you probably are doing already).

Families , we can do this! Take a deep breath and remember that we have had summer Ramadans not too long ago, where children were at home. We still managed, to our best abilities, throughout the holy month. 

Here are nine activities to help you and your kids make the most out of Ramadan!

. A 30-day good deeds list: 

Ramadan falls during the school year. Some of us are homeschooling while others are helping their kids do school-managed distance learning/classes.


Still other schools offer optional “learning opportunities” to kids through their schools. We have to ensure that our children follow the scholastic schedule and supplement fun spiritual activities for the evenings and weekends. Sounds easier said than done, right?

Try implementing a 30-day Ramadan good deed list to teach empathy, compassion and giving back to each other.


Here’s How: 


We made a template with a deed tracker from Eid Creations. (Full disclosure – Eid Creations is a company I founded.) We kept the list confined to the home and family, since it may be difficult to implement ones about the community at large.

Print out the template, cut each deed, fold and put in a fish bowl. Have your child draw a different one every morning or at iftar time to complete.


How to make this applicable for middle school-aged children: 

Come up with the good deeds list together so they feel ownership over the acts of kindness that they will perform.


2. Highlight a du’a every day: DIY a du’a calendar and tuck in written du’as into each pocket that you read with your kids after iftar time or whenever it suits your family. Here is a nice one that was developed by @Ayeina_Official 















3. Read Ramadan-focused books together: Reading books builds a bond between families and can create lasting memories. Once you finish reading and you want the children to stay busy while you take a moment for yourself, RamadanREADy has free resources that correspond to many Islamic books.


4. Get your kids to write a khutbah in Ramadan: Encouraging your kids to write a khutbah for Jumu’ah salah at home will empower them to think about larger issues affecting the community. By letting them express their thoughts, you also get a glimpse into their psyche and what is affecting them these days.

5. Enroll your children in virtual halaqas: Virtual halaqas are not only educational but can help when you need time for yourself to read Quran, work or cook a meal. There are many free virtual halaqas out there; some examples are found here. Chances are your local masjid is offering virtual halaqas for kids and families as well!

And if you're just looking for activities to do while the kids are home to pass the hours during Ramadan, check out this site!)

6. Get your kids moving! As we are home bound, we need to ensure that children get their daily exercise, which not only gives them energy but also breaks the routine. Here is a downloadable activity list, which includes some exercise ideas. You can also get a healthy meal guide for families observing Ramadan and tips to stay healthy throughout the month. Try not to hang out always in one area of the house, which will bring about boredom and noncompliance. If you have an outdoor area, even if it is a small balcony, do some activities out there and get some fresh air.


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