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  • Having Marriage Problems?

  • How Strong is your Marriage?     

  • Are you struggling to save your family?       

  • Have questions about marriage and pre-marital counseling?

Why people seek counseling help?

We all experience challenges in life's normal stages: marriage, career choices, parenting, and aging. Also, unexpected events such as divorce, illness, unemployment, untimely death, inability to have children, or a traumatic event may occur. There are times when families can feel overwhelmed. It is during these times that counseling can be helpful. We offer counseling based on Islamic and universal moral principals.


How do you know if counseling could benefit you or your family?

If there are issues in your life, which regularly prevent you from enjoying and maintaining a peaceful life, you may need to seek help.


Indeed,  the  Muslim men  and  Muslim women, the  believing  men  and  believing  women, the obedient  men  and obedient women,  the truthful  men  and  truthful  women, the patient  men and  patient women,  the  humble  men  and  humble women, the  charitable men and  charitable women,  the  fasting  men  and  fasting women,  the  men  who guard their private  parts  and  the  women  who  do  so, and  the  men who remember Allah often and  the women who do so - for them Allah has prepared  forgiveness  and  a  great  reward.

                                 Surat Al-'Ahzab سورة الأحزاب   33



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