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Masjid Al- Athar Nursery School


Assalamu alikum 

Welcome to Masjid Al- Athar Nursery Schooll We are a Pre-k and Islamic School with a green initiative, located in Marietta Ga Our mission is to help nurture the youth of tomorrow. Some may grow up to be teachers, nurses, or scientists. But every journey begins with a first step.While taking that first step at Masjid Al- Athar Nursery SChool they will achieve a good foundation of Islamic fundamentals and exceed their standard academic requirements.

2019-2020 Admission (August 2019 to May 2020)

Due to expected high demand and limited class space, Therefore we strongly encourage you to apply as soon as possible after the general admission start date. Jazakallahu khair 


                         Registration Day August 1-2      11 am to 2 Pm